1. Shawnee on a Sunday


  2. Life Quote

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    "Forget the car: build the city for lovers and friends!" - #lewismumford

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  5. "I have seen a lot of scenery in my life, but I have seen nothing so tempting as a home for man than this Oregon Country… You have basis here for civilization on its highest scale, and I am going to ask you a question which you may not like. Are you good enough to have this country in your possession? Have you got enough intelligence, imagination, and cooperation among you to make the best use of these opportunities?"
    —  Lewis Mumford 1938
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    Filling the frame, Manabu Ikeda

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    How to use this park

    intentional urbanism

  9. I like clouds (at Rock Island Pub & Pizza)

  10. at Vashon Ferry

  11. at Fauntleroy Ferry Dock

  12. #tbt summer wanderings (at Albany, New York)

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  13. #tbt summer wanderings (at Albany, New York)

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    *That red stuff is what people still think economic reality is and the gray stuff is the actual reality.  Americans, not even in the contest

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